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Darren Thornberry


I've worked with editors from all over the world—at magazines, literary journals, and as an author—and I can say with confidence Darren is the best of the best. He’s sharp, smart, and comprehensive. The man can move a project through its developmental phase, tackle line edits, and polish up an ARC. Also, he’s a blast to work with. 

Blaine Eldredge, author



My job as an editor is to know the writer's voice, correct mistakes, and resolve potential misunderstandings between the writer and the reader before they occur. That's how I help communicators to write effectively and with heart.


After decades of both writing and editing, I believe an editor should work invisibly in the process of bringing a book, website, or other writing project to fruition.

I am mostly retired from the copywriting side, but feel free to inquire. I may take on something that's a great fit.  


I've been editing professionally for 27 years. A Troy University alumnus (B.S., English), I have worked in print, digital, and social media as a copywriter, managing editor, content editor, and copy editor. I am a communications specialist for Colorado PERA, and I formerly worked in public service as a senior editor for the Colorado legislature.




"I can’t thank Darren enough for his enthusiasm for each of the books he’s edited and his careful care in cleaning them up. We can ask questions back and forth. We can discuss options for getting just the right feel for a character’s speech or the right word for a particular scene. There’s so much to be said for having such a working relationship with one’s editor. In a way, it becomes more of a partnership than an editor/client relationship." - Jennifer M Zeiger

"Working with Darren has made me a better writer. Having a clear grasp of the English language coupled with a daring, adventurous attitude, Darren immersed himself in my story, making me feel I had something important to say...and simultaneously made me feel engaged fully each step along the way in the editing process. He is super-easy to work with, helping me be able to balance the need for clarity with the sense of wonder and adventure I was trying to convey through my book, The Short Life. I would work with Darren again - in a heartbeat." - Dennis Jernigan

"Darren has been a tremendous asset to my writing process. Over the past several years, he has edited four of my books as well as several books and articles by author friends of mine. I’ve found his added perspective to be insightful, at times challenging my reasoning or suggesting a broader explanation."- Dr. Jim Burgdorf

"Darren meets deadlines and the work is always professional and has worthwhile content. He has a command of the English language and is able to draw out words that have the reader see and feel what he has written. The intangible – he has a positive attitude and get-it-done demeanor … a great guy to be around and work with."

– John Mendez, N2 Publishing

"Darren has been a great person to work with. I hire him to write articles for our specialty publications and marketing features published in the Boulder Daily Camera, Longmont Times-Call and other Prairie Mountain Publishing publications. Each time he has exceeded my expectations. He is an excellent writer, easy to work with and professional. He’s performed miracles even under the tightest of deadlines and I’ve received many positive comments from clients he’s interviewed. I highly recommend him." – Greg Stone, Prairie Mountain Publishing


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